Changes in Text to Speech?

I’ve been intrigued by the new Text-to-Speech voices in Lion, but have not wanted to upgrade to a new OS in the final polishing of a book.

I borrowed a friend’s Lion MacBook Pro, installed Scrivener 2.3, and then loaded my project. Samantha sounds great, however in my set up (Snow Leopard + Scrivener 2.2) the voicing always starts at the current cursor location. In Lion + 2.3 the voicing only starts at the beginning of the document.

Have I forgot some simple setting to make this work, or did something change in Lion or 2.3 that makes starting the voicing from the cursor location impossible? I hope not.

No, nothing has changed in this regard in 2.3 at all, and it should still work fine (I just tested it on Lion and it does). In fact, on OS X in general the reading always starts from the beginning of the text and never from the cursor position unless you select the text, but in Scrivener I found a way to get it reading from the cursor position, so Scrivener should be one of the few programs where this works.

Ahhh… I have to remember NOT to use the shortcut key in the systems preferences for Speech, but to create the keyboard shortcut in the Keyboard preference panel (the one that accesses the menus inside Scrivener).


And by the way… this is a totally wonderful and cool feature of Scrivener, essential for me.

Ah, that makes sense. If it’s invoking the general system Speech feature and bypassing Scrivener’s slightly customised implementation, then it would most likely start from the beginning seeing as that’s how it normally works in OS X - glad you figured it out! And I’m glad you find it useful, too.