Changes lost after power out UPDATE: recovered!

I just logged a 3-hour interview in an open scrivener project today. afterwards my macbook ran out of battery life. When plugged in and turned it back on an hour later, it restarted and all my word docs and safari windows came back, but not the scrivener project. a couple of other scrivener projects opened, but the one I had been working in did not even show up in “recent projects”. when I located it on the hd and opened it from there, none of the changes I did to the project during the day, are there. not the txt files or any of the thousands of words.

Help! Is there any chance there is a hidden backup file anywhere?


So, now the whole file turned up when i searched the hard drive, turned out it was another file in another folder! Still, strange that it didn’t show up in recent files in scrivener, which was the reason i found the wrong project on first try …