Changes not detected until Enter/Return pressed

Not sure if this is a bug or a “feature” but in the index card and outline views, changes to the text are not detected until you press Return. In other words, the red dot stays red until you press enter, then Scrivener auto-saves. If you Quit before pressing Enter in either view, the changes are lost.

iMac G5, OS X 10.5, Scrivener 1.095/iBook G4, OS X 10.4.10, Scrivener 1.095

The first part is not a bug, but just how outlines and tables in OS X work - no change is registered until you hit return in a cell. However, upon quitting, Scrivener should really tell the window to end editing for all cells so that such changes get saved. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks.

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Mayhap another fine example of tyrannical consideration in action?


mon… cul !!

Le Directeure

Actually, after messing around with this, it turns out that trying to force a save of the changes to an open text field can cause a crash. This is because of various messages that get sent around within Scrivener. To fix it I would need to check for the potential crash in all text fields/tables/cells, so I don’t want to try to implement this in a rush now and introduce a crash. Thus, for now it is best just to remember that changes within a text field aren’t saved until they are committed by you hitting enter. I’ll return to it at a later date to provide a better solution.

I can handle that. Thanks.