Changes to a single chapter heading

Hello people!

I have learned Scrivener over the past week and love its numerous features. It has helped me produce a beautiful looking book. Just one small question I had. I am not able to find an answer online or on this forum. If I missed it, please point me in the right direction.

I have used FOLDER titles as my CHAPTER TITLES. For most of the chapters, this is fine. However, one of my chapter headings requires a superscript. Is there a way to add that into the chapter heading?

Right now, it appears something like this: 1st Chapter. I want the letter “st” to be superscript. I have made various attempts to edit the chapter title but it has not allowed me to do that. Please let me know if there is any work around.

There’s no good way to do this at the moment, I’m afraid, simply because you assign a single format to titles, and superscript is technically a different type of formatting.

Is the text that you need superscripting all ordinals (“1st”, “23rd” etc)? If so, I might have a fix for you for the next update…

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, the ordinals is just an example. I work with a lot of text that is transliterated from 2 other languages. In some cases, we use abbreviations of text from another language and in some other cases, such abbreviations are placed as superscript text next to a word.

If you can add this in the next update, it would be great! Thanks again for your help. For now, I have used brackets in the title.

I am having the same problem. As with most of my issues, I am writing some post-compilation code in VBA to clean up the Scrivener output. It is easy to search for a marker, e.g. “^{” and select until the next marker, e.g. “^}”, and change the format to superscript.

You could customize your format/use an alternate way of formatting your chapter titles…

You can either add text directly to the folders, or to the first line of your first sub-document within each folder. That text would be “<$parenttitle>” for the former or “<$title>” for the later. During compile, those placeholders are replaced by the binder titles of the document/folder they are a part of, or the binder title of its “parent”.

You would use one of the “Heading” styles on each of these, and I think most compile settings will translate the resultant text for whatever output format you’re using. The compile format you would choose then would still have to start your chapters on a new page, but it would not include the actual binder title, since that would be obtained from the text of the folder (or a scene document) instead.

Now, here’s the trick. While using those placeholders just copies the test of titles, if you need to do some special formatting, like using superscripts, you would manually replace the <$…> with the text of your title, using that special formatting. So long as it’s styled with “Header 1”, for instance, it should come out the way you want it to. You can then selectively bold or italicize words, add superscripts and subscripts, make use of ordinals…etc.