Changes to Insert image linked to a file

I like some of the changes in RC 10 to the insert image linked to a file. I like being able to see the name and place and also jump immediately to the file. One change is irritating though. You lost the reset option and I have to enter the numbers by hand.

I keep my images in a separate folder and link to them. I make them the way I want them. They are the right size for my purpose. You mess with them and change them. Before RC 10, there was a button to restore the image to the way it was before Scrivener screwed it up. You no longer have that. When the image is changed, I now go in and type in one of the pixels lengths to nearly get it back the way it was. Ends up the other side is usually a pixel off.

What is actually going to be posted and used, is not the image Scrivener changes and sticks in the draft. It is the image in the folder that will be used. So you changing the size of the image, simply makes what I see less like what will eventually be produced.

Is there any way you can either stop messing with my images or have a single click to restore them to how I made them?