Changes to my Binder is missing

I am trying out your product with the trial version 2.0.5. A few days ago, I entered lots of information about my novel and made changes to the Binder. When i opened the file today, the changes are all missing. what’s left there is a file i started with before i made changes. its like the file didn’t backup at all after i finished working the last time. there is only 2 .scriv files on my computer from what i can see and neither of those includes the work i did the other day. help!


Thanks for trying Scrivener. Have you tried going to the File > Recent Projects menu to see what is listed there? How did you open this project? Also, try searching Spotlight for “.scriv” in the filename, to find all Scrivener projects on your machine. From your description it sounds as though you have opened a new file rather than the one you made changes to, so let us know whether searching using Spotlight or the Recent Projects menu brings anything up.

All the best,