Changes to Script Settings not "taking"

(Scrivener 2.3.1/ OS X 10.8) <- What by the Flesh of the Prophet that damned smiley is doing there, I have no idea.

I haven’t seen anything about this on the fora, so this is by way of a preliminary RFC to see if it’s just me.

I remember (I think) that originally changes to Script Format were non-retrospective. That’s to say, if you changed the prevailing Script Format – say from Stage Play to Screenplay – only NEW documents would take on the new format. Existing documents in Script Mode stayed as they were. (I even recall reading dire warnings in TFM that you’d better sort out your format before you started writing, because once you throttled up and released the brakes, you were committed.)

Then, by the grace of God – or the grace of Keith; I get them mixed up sometimes – things changed. Around v2, I think, if you changed the Script Format a little box popped up asking you what in the new format was equivalent to what in the existing one. (“Scene Direction” = “Action”, for example) and then applied the changes to ALL the documents.

This, for me, is now broken in 2.3.1. Sometimes I change the Format and nothing happens. Sometimes it gives me a warning that I’m overwriting a document-specific format, and I say “OK” and nothing happens. Sometimes – occasionally – I get the substitutions box, set that all up, say “OK”, and… nothing happens.

Question (1) is, of course: Is It Me?

I’m not sure.

I’ve trashed every prefs file, reinstalled Scrivener from a fresh download, and it’s still bust.

I’d have to dig a lot further and I’m on deadline. The reason it’s important is this: I’m writing a stage play. But nothing else understands stage play format. So I’ve been writing in Scrivener using Stage Play format (tweaked by me) thinking “Then I’ll change it all into Screenplay format so that MM Screenwriter or Highland or Fade In Pro understands it, then once it’s all safely exported, I’ll change it all back in the new application.”

Ha. I can’t. So I am at the moment faced with sticking with Scrivener and exporting it into W*rd as an RTF file, which is less than ideal for handling a finished draft script, or getting it all into MMS or FD format by doing a whole stinkin’ bunch of reformatting, or just bursting into tears and yelling a lot.

Has anyone else had this problem? Have any of the L&L gurus any ideas what may be going on? Am I just imaging the transient glory days when changing Script Format was retrospective?

I’m going to take the dog for a walk. Unless accidie overtakes me and I’m found hanging from a tree by the dog’s leash, any assistance would be more than gratefully received.

This is just a guess, as I don’t use scriptwriting mode in anger, and I can’t tell from your post whether you know this, so forgive me, but…

Playing around with it, I found the Documents > Convert > Script Format…. This opens this dialogue:

Screen Shot 2012-08-18 at 19.39.06.png

which seemed to let me do what you want to do and it did all the conversions effectively. I think you still have to choose the new format in Formatting > Scriptwriting as well for new stuff, though.

As I said, I’m only guessing here…

Thanks… Yes, I tried that – and everything was (a) sort-of-reformatted as far as margins, font etc go, but also (b) converted into General Text…

This is a right old piglet. I think I’ll just reformat everything in Final Draft and reimport it, and try to solve the problem later.

Michael: I’m in holiday at the moment and just checking in, but you could you send us a sample project in which this can be reproduced so that I can look at it when I get back (which won’t be for another ten days I’m afraid). I did make some bug-fixes to this for 2.3.1, so it is possible that the changes broke something else.

Hi Keith. You’re on holiday. Do Not Check In.

(But when I’ve got my project back in shape I’ll send you a copy)