Changing a project's font

I know you can’t “Select all” of the text in an Edit Scrivenings session and change the font. Is there any other way to change the font/size across an entire project, or must I go section by section?

Select the documents in the Finder and use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Style (assuming the traits you want to apply are the ones you have set for new documents in the Preferences).

Ah, thanks. What about the caveat that “Please note that batch conversion is destructive and some documents may lose certain formatting and attributes.”

What sort of formatting and attributes will be lost? Italics? Bold? Small caps?

No, none of that - bold, italics etc all gets retained. Just the paragraph formatting gets homogenised. Lists and tables will be retained, but say you have some indented quotes, they wouldn’t be indented any more. Everything will be changed to have the same indents, line spacing and alignment etc as in the defaults. (In the next update, in the preferences, you can set this feature only to affect the font if you want, but that won’t be out for a while.)

Hope that helps.
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Shurely shome mishtake?

Thanks for the laugh, Antony! Wonderful way to begin my day. :laughing:

Er… Yeah… Binder. Given the number of times I have had to correct myself before posting, it’s amazing that this is the first time I’ve actually posted the mistake…