changing a word

Silly me–I should know better–but I’ve been away from my writing and am resuming. And I have a long project in which I want to change a name–so I can certainly identify it–but how can I change the word throughout the project in one action? Thanks…revrafa

Edit->Find->Project Replace is the tool you’re looking for. Make a backup first (File->Backup->Back Up To…).

Addendum: I didn’t realize that I was answering a question posted to the Scapple board… was this a Scapple question?

Just right–exactly–and many thanks. So, am I misusing “scapple”? How dare me? I don’t know what this means.

I think the confusion is that you referred to “a long project”, and projects are a specific Scrivener term used to describe the largest unit of organisation in the software (similar to how the Scapple board, or individual file, is the largest unit).

But Scrivener is a huge multi-file organiser thing, so we need special commands to change a word throughout the entire project (just like you’d need a special tool to change a word in 50 different .doc files). Scapple is much easier—it acts more like a file in a text editor. If you want to search and replace just use the regular old Cmd-F tool. :slight_smile: