Changing border color of highlighted linked footnote

I’m using Scrivener on Windows 10 (but had the same problem with Windows 7). When I click on a linked footnote in the Inspector, the border around the footnote is highlighted in a very visible bright blue, and the corresponding anchor point in the document’s text is highlighted with a dark blue background.

However, when I instead click on the anchor point in the document’s text, the linked footnote is highlighted only with a very faint gray outline, which is extremely hard to see.

The Scrivener manual states:
“Clicking on any anchor highlight will highlight that comment in the inspector, opening
it if necessary to do so.”

Is there a way to change that faint gray border to a much easier to spot bright color?


If you click into the inspector to select a note, its border will be blue (i.e. the active selection colour). Following that, clicking the anchors links within the text of the document should continue to give you a blue selection border.

Thanks, Jennifer. The first part of your comments does work for me,

but the second part: “Following that, clicking the anchors links within the text of the document should continue to give you a blue selection border.” doesn’t.

I click on anchor point in text, no blue border on footnote in Inspector appears. I tried to find a formatting option for footnote box in Inspector, but couldn’t.

Perhaps a bug? Does it work fine for everyone else?


Erp, my fault. I was working in an internal beta version when I did the quick test on it, and it does this there, but not in 1.8.6. The issue is about focus and active/inactive selections, so this isn’t something that can be changed with the preference colours or such. Strictly speaking, I’m not sure why it’s doing the blue border in the internal version, because that active selection should be just when the focus is in the inspector. Unfortunately then I don’t have an immediate solution for you, but I’ll take a further look into this. Maybe the border can be made thicker, even if the selection colour is outside Scrivener’s control.

Thanks, Jennifer. It would be great if there’s a solution. And if the color can’t be changed (although if it does change when you click on the footnote in the Inspector…), a thicker border might do it.


Has there been any update to this issue? I’ve been able to link the background color of colored comment boxes to the linked text but this produces a colored hilight box around the linked text, and in some cases (depending on the color of the comment chosen) this can render the linked text unreadable.
Simple control over the hilight of the comment box seems the simplest solution. Currently the difference between the selected comment and the rest of them is hard to see. Something a littler bolder is warranted.