Changing chapter names won't work

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener.

I want my chapters to be named by their folders names. I searched for it in the forum and googled it but no matter what I do it will show “chapter one” - The level 1 folders have the section type “chapter heading” (I also tried to change it to “chapter” to see what happens but nothing did). I did chceck the “assign section layouts”, but nothing works for me. It does not matter what I use it will still show “chapter one”. I did try duplicating the format and editing it, but I still get “chapter one”. It will show the folder name if I change the folder type to “section” and chose in the “assign section layouts” “section title” instead of “chapter one” - but even then there is a page added before it - titeled “chapter one” , so I guess it is not how it’s done. So how do I get the chapters to be called by their folders name? Is there somewhere something like “chapter title” similar to " section title" that I am overseeing? Can someone tell me step by step, how I get this done, I feel realy stupid right now. ,


Lets start by fixing that : there is nothing obvious that you’ve missed. Sure you could have read the manual, but other than that, it is not a simple “check this checkbox” thing.

Here is what you need to do:

In the compile panel, double click the compile format you’ve chosen to compile with.

Duplicate and edit when prompted to. (If you don’t get the prompt, quit right away, and duplicate the compile format first. There will be some experimentation to do, and you don’t want to mess up whatever compile format it is that is your starting point.)

You’ll end up in a panel that looks like this :

At the bottom, in the “Title Options” tab, find the layout (list at the top) that matches this :

Clear the title prefix box. image

. . . . . . . .
Here you can see what section type is assigned to a specific layout in the list at the top :

Make sure that the layout matched to the section type your documents are assigned to has its “title” box checked in the top list.
(If what you were getting before was the prefix + your document’s title, change nothing. Don’t check or uncheck anything, just leave everything as is.)

Save and exit. Try a compile. (Using that new modified compile format, of course.)

. . . . . . . .

Binder structure plays a big part in this.
Chances are my answer is imperfect, and would remain so no matter how hard I’d try.
(For example, perhaps for you a chapter is a set of sub-documents, and then you don’t want every single one of them to be titled… etc etc.)
But at least you know now where it is happening.

I say experiment until you’ve found the right place where you need to apply a change. And if you’ve changed a couple of things in the process, start over from the original compile format, this time changing only what needs to be changed. (Scrap the experimental compile format once all is fine.)


excellent way to describe, Vincent-squared :slight_smile: – it helps for the long describing, and also puts persons in the place they should be, ready to try things and find out the best on their own…a

…s we know solves actual problems in this worl d we keep inventing…

Best, and appreciating your contributions here,

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Now that I call an answer! Wow, thanks.

I’ll try it, I did read the script but I still feel bit lost - I did’n get it with the placeholders for example -I’m used to word :sweat_smile::.

Thanks a lot for the answer with pictures!

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Hi, so after trying different things, now I’m there where I wanted to be:).

I post what did work for me, maybe someone will have the same problem later. I’m working with the novel manuscript and I just use the level 1 folders with chapter names and scenes - no complicated structures.

. After opening the sidebar (the blue “i”)…

… there is the “section type” automaticly showing “chapter heading” by my Level 1 folders.

After I changed every single level 1 folder manualy from “structure-based” to “chapter heading” it started showing chapters names after compiling, yupie:)

(it wouldn’t work though, if only some of the folders were changed manualy and others not - then still all were called “chapter one” and so on.).

I would post this with screenshots but I can not since I’m new :sweat_smile:

For future reference, you could have done it in a single operation in the project settings :