Changing chapter sequences


I have a novel on Scriv written in two threads. Each thread is broken down into chapters and scenes. At the moment I have the two threads separated for ease of editing, but as I move towards compiling it I need to interleave the threads, scene by scene or chapter by chapter. I expect I’ll need several attempts at this before I find the most effective running order. And then I’ll need to pull the scenes into thread order again if I need to do significant amounts of rewriting, so that I can more easily see the flow of the story within each thread.

Is there a way of switching between two ‘running orders’?

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This is what the Collections feature is for. (Documents -> Add to Collection) Let the Binder hold one order for the files, and create the other(s) in a Collection(s). Once you get an order you like, you can group the actual documents (the Binder) accordingly.

Collections are discussed in more detail in section 8.3 of the manual.


Brilliant! Thank you. (RTFM, Hilary…)