Changing color of all annotations in an existing project?

Hello all,

I recently imported a new document into Scrivener, and made comments on it in the Inspector window. I wanted to be able to see those comments in a printed version so I converted them to Inline Annotations. However, when I did so, they appeared on my screen in a awful yellowish-brown color and in a font I don’t care for.

The question:
How can I change the settings for Inline annotations so that the font and color change not just in the single annotation I click on (I’ve managed this), but globally as a preference either for this project and/or in Scrivener’s template?

Many thanks for any help, or links if I’ve missed something that has already been posted about this.


Well one thing to consider is that you do not have to use inline annotations if your only goal here is to print them out with the text. Both of these features can be independently set to be stripped out or retained in the output. Go into the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane, and make sure “Remove inspector comments” does not have a checkbox. If you want the font of your notes to match the text, your best option will probably be to override formatting in the Formatting compile option pane, but that may not be worth it depending on your source material.

As for the particulars of conversion: there isn’t a really good automatic way to select an annotation colour from a comment colour because the two are used for opposing attributes. What looks for as a background shade behind the text, simulating a “Post-It note” or whatever, tends to look awful as a text colour on a white background. So instead of literally taking bright yellow and making your inline annotation bright yellow, it steps down on the brightness and saturation to produce a legible result. This may not be aesthetically pleasing but at least you can read it. :slight_smile:

But given that information, you should be able to manipulate the original colour of the comments to produce an annotation look you don’t mind. Try a very bright, fully saturated comment to get a brighter annotation. It doesn’t really matter how ugly it looks before you convert them. Note you can select many comments at once, right click, and change their colours simultaneously.

Thanks for the quick reply, AmberV, I will try out these possibilities! Wasn’t aware that the comment color in the inspector would be echoed in the text as inlines, but that’s particularly helpful to know.


Is it still the case that there is no way to change the colour of all inline annotations in a project at once?

Yes, that is still the case. You can use the Edit ▸ Find ▸ Find by Formatting… tool to jump from one to the next and set their colour that way—it would be a similar process if you wanted to change all of the highlighted text to use the same highlight colour.