Changing colour background/overlay

Hello - I have dyspraxia and Irlen syndrome and struggle reading/writing against a white background. I would love to use a pale colour overlay (ideally blue) but can’t find a way of doing this. I’m fine with black text just looking to change the background either in regular view or ideally when in composition mode. Would really appreciate your directing me how - I’m sure it is possible and I just can’t find it!

The Text Background setting, found in the Editor section of the “Customize Colors” portion of the Appearance preference pane, will do what you are looking for. The “Fixed Width Background” and “Page Background” might also be of interest if you make use of either of those modes.

Composition mode colours are set in a similar interface, but over in the Compose preference pane. In Composition you can more easily change the text colour as well, if you find that helpful.

Hope you find a combination of settings that works well for you!

Thanks so much I really appreciate it that was exactly what I was needing!