Changing comment colors

I’m using the comments as a way of both color coding and commenting on field notes. This hasn’t been a problem until today.

I wrote up a whole bunch of field notes. Then I went back and started adding comments; after I’d written some stuff in the comment, I’d change the color by ctrl-clicking on the comment, and choosing one of the standard colors. The problem started happening when I’d go back into a previously created comment, from an existing comment, and it would turn it dark blue, a choice not even available on the drop-down menu. The highlighting on the text in the main editor window also changes to the dark blue. Clicking on the highlighted main text does not change the color of either the highlight or the comment. I’ve gone into previously created documents and am seeing the same trend. I have not gone in an changed any of the preferences or the like.

Obviously the changing color is problematic because it means that I’m losing data analysis. Any help anyone can lend is really appreciated as I’m scared to do too much with the document until I have some clue as to what’s going on.



Is the colour palette open? The colour palette can be used to change comment colours, too (you can give comments any colour at all using the palette). When used with the OS X text system, the palette can be a bit sensitive, though, so if it received a “blue” message from somewhere else it might have affected your comment. Or it might be that the underlying text was blue, which sent the palette the message, which in turn set the comment the message. So, try closing the colour palette.

All the best,

While the color palette wasn’t currently open, I think it had been at some point during this Scrivener session. I closed it out and reopened and don’t seem to be having the same problem. I’ll note to be careful with that in the future.

Thanks for the quick reply.