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I am giving the Macbook I am currently using for writing to my wife and I would like to transfer my Scrivener, complete with my current writing, to an i Mac 21. How do I go about this?
User name – micdel


You’ll need to copy all of your project files across. You Scrivener projects are saved as .scriv files on the hard drive, so just transfer those in whatever way you are transferring other files. Then, download and install the latest version of Scrivener on your iMac and enter the same registration details you used to register it on your MacBook (drop us a line if you’ve mislaid your serial number and we can send it back out). You don’t need to worry about uninstalling Scrivener from your wife’s MacBook unless you really want to, because the licence is a household one so covers running Scrivener on both machines.

Hope that helps.
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Will the app store support that?

Just wondering.

Basically, yes. There are two different licence schemes you can choose from. The standard is quite a bit like Scrivener’s existing licence; the second is a “pro” version for programs like Aperture and what-not, that operate more like a traditional software purchase.

Being a late adopter of everything, I am really not warming up to the app store. Granted I am not ready to update to 10.6 so it doesn’t really matter…