Changing default font doesn't work!

I upgraded to 2.0; running latest Snow Leopard.

When I upgraded, all my fonts went to the default. The biggest issue I have is that the Notes font went to Times Roman 12 pt., which has the same impact on me as fingernails on a blackboard.

I have gone to Scrivener > Preferences > Corkboard to change fonts to something more visually acceptable. Same with Scrivenir > Preferences > Appearance. Same with Scrivenir > Preferences > Formatting. Finally, Documents > Format > Formatting to Default.

Nothing changes!!! Notes that I have manually changed remain the same. Additionally, when I copy and paste from a Web document, it appears in TR 12 pt.

How can I universally change Notes fonts, and how can I make sure that future cut and pastes appear in a new default font and not TR???

Thanks for your help.


In all RTF fields, like the editor and notes, the preferences impact new items, not existing ones. This is, in most cases, the desirable behaviour. Most people wouldn’t want a single preference change to wipe out all of their custom formatting. It might sound like a good idea from where you are sitting, but considering that some fonts don’t have all style options. A single wrong font choice could for example erase all italics in your project.

You can copy and paste formatting attributes in the Format/Text/ and Format/Font/ menus. There are also keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting formatting, this will speed things up.