Changing default font issue


I’m using the BBC Radio Scene Style template and want to change the default font for the main text to Courier 12pt. Well, I have changed it in the Preferences but, when I create a new scene, the font defaults to Arial (a font which isn’t listed as being chosen in the Preferences). Having looked through some similar threads I’ve also tried using Project > Text Preferences and Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. Both of these options shows that I’ve selected Courier in the Preferences but doesn’t seem to affect the new scenes. I wondered if it would work on a new project, but that shows the same problem.

Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks in advance!


The scriptwriting elements themselves are set to Arial. You can change it in Format>Scriptwriting>Script Settings–there’s a font choice for each element. After changing the settings, you’ll need to click okay to convert the elements to the new style so they’re recognized; this will convert all your previous script documents in the project to the new settings provided that they were not altered from the original settings. Any elements you’ve already changed (if you’ve converted the font or other formatting) you’ll have to manually go through and reassign to the proper element by selecting it and choosing from the menu in the footer or via Format>Scriptwriting>Change Element To.

If you want to save your adjusted script element settings for other projects, you can use the “manage” dropdown in the settings dialogue to save them and then load them in other projects.

Hope that helps. I haven’t used the scriptwriting settings much myself, so others may chime in with a faster/better way to do this or other details. :slight_smile:

Ah! That’s how! Thank you.

Hello - this old thread was the closest I could find to my issue but still doesn’t resolve it. I am using the BBC Radio Script project template and would like to change the font from Arial to Courier New throughout. I have already set my default font for all new projects to CN using Scrivener>Preferences>Formatting but apparently that doesn’t apply to the “New Scene” template in the BBC project template. I have gone through and reset each of the elements to the CN font but unfortunately it does not work with the “Character and Dialogue” element. The format should be ALL CAPS for the Character name and then unstyled text for the actual dialogue. To get the ALL CAPS for the Character name you select the Style> To end of line radio button. However when you hit tab which takes you to the indent where the actual dialogue starts, the font reverts to Arial. So somewhere there is a default Arial setting that takes over once the “styling” is done, i.e. after you hit tab. I tried to create a new element just for Dialogue but it starts on a new line which is not the preferred format. Any suggestions? Thanks!
PS - I was going to upload an image to make it clearer but can’t figure out how to do that or change fonts here. But if we pretend that regular text is CN and underline is Arial, here’s what’s happening:

What I want:
DENNIS: Now is the time for all good men…
What I’m getting:
DENNIS: Now is the time for all good men…