Changing Default "No Style" in Scrivener 3.2.1

I tried many times to update the “No Style” in a new project, and have not had any success.
If I manage to update the font and the size, I cannot update the spacing.
Could someone give me instructions on how to adjust the settings?

I am working in Scrivener 3.2.1.

The easiest way I’ve found is this:

  • In any document, set up a paragraph exactly the way you want it: font, indents, and spacing.
  • With your insertion point inside that paragraph, select the menu item Scrivener->Preferences…
  • In the preferences dialog, in the Editing panel, the Formatting tab, click the “Use Formatting in Current Editor” button.

This has two immediate effects: First, any new document you create will have this formatting, and second, if you select some text and then choose “no style”, the text will be converted to have this formatting.

What it doesn’t do is change all your existing documents to have the new formatting. To change all your existing documents, first select them in the Binder, then choose the menu item Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting… . Now all the documents you selected will have the new formatting.

Hope this helps!
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Thank you so much for the detailed instructions and the screen shots. Alas, no success.

I tried the same steps yesterday and today, and it is not working. Do I need to close and restart Scrivener? Or do I need to choose “Defaults” in the Editing screen after I click on Use Formatting in Current Editor?

I design the new paragraph with Avenir, size 12, and remove the spacing between the paragraphs from Format > Paragraph > Line and Paragraph Spacing > Paragraph spacing after 0.00 points (instead of the current default 18.0 points).

However, when I start a new file, it goes back to paragraphs spacing to 18.0 and Palatino, Regular, 14 size.

I think that this is the issue:

Project > Project Settings > Use different default formatting for new documents in this project

I had to uncheck the latter. Now it is working!

It is possible to set default formatting either Scrivener-wide (Scrivener → Preferences → Editing → Formatting) or on a per-project basis (the setting you found). Many of Scrivener’s supplied project templates include project-level default formatting, which will override the Scrivener-wide setting.


The project based option worked, not the Scrivener wide, but that’s what I wanted. The project based formatting is changed in a different way, not through Scrivener options, but through Project > Project Settings. Either way, it fine now.

Just to be clear, the project-level default (if there is one) overrides the Scrivener-wide default.


I want the project level and the Scrivener wide the same style, but it is not working.

I have been trying for an hour now, starting and restarting my Scrivener project, but cannot make it work.
As soon as I think I have set it up, when I create a new document, it behaves as before with the TAB key going to the next line rather than actually functioning as a tab.

If you press CMD 8, does the tab key work normally again?