Changing default paragraph spacing for an entire document

Apologies for the simple question, but I’m going crazy trying to find the setting I’m looking for.

I want to change the paragraph settings for an entire project, but I can’t see where this is controlled in the master formatting preferences.

If I go into one chapter in my project, I can go Format > Paragraph > Line and Paragraph Spacing, and I can set the paragraph spacing to what I want (I essentially want to automatically add a blank line between paragraphs as I write), but this only applies to the chapter document that I’m writing in.

In the main Preferences > Editing > Formatting, there don’t seem to be any paragraph formatting options. I can set the line spacing to what I want, but not paragraph spacing.

I feel like the answer is obvious, but I just can’t find it!

If you change the formatting in one document the way you want it, and then go into the Project->Project Settings->Formatting section, you can tick the box for having a different default for just that project. Then there’s a button called “use current” you can click to borrow your currently open binder document’s settings. That will set the default formatting for all new documents you create in your project.

Then, once you’re out of that interface, you can select all existing documents in the binder that you want to change, and then go to Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting.

The last menu is especially handy if you paste in text from another source, or if something else throws off your formatting.