Changing defaults and converting existing document

I have been studying the manual to find out how one changes the default font etc. Although I have found some pertinent sections, I cannot figure out how to change the default font and then convert an existing manuscript to this font.

Would appreciate some help with this issue.

On the current release of Scriv for Windows (version 1.x), it’s Tools->options->Editor. Adjust the sample text in that window as you want all new documents to look (paragraph spacing, indentation, font face, font size, etc…).

Once you have it the way you want, select one or more documents in the binder (CTRL-click to select them individually, or click on one, SHIFT-click on the last in a list of documents to select all the documents between the first and last). Then go to Documents->Convert->Text to default style (or something similar).

You will be prompted with a set of options of what to change in the selected documents. Select all that you want to apply, and then continue. All of the selected documents should then be formatted as you wanted.

Thanks for this help. Will try it.

I too am having trouble with formatting. I understand that there is a difference between format in the editor and format for print. I would like to have different formats, because I prefer to compose single-spaced in an easy-on-the-eye font like Calibri (easy for me, anyway!), but I want my print output to be Times New Roman 12. And I don’t ever, ever, ever want to have to look at that bogus, illegible Courier font. So my questions (to which I thought I knew the answers…) are:

  1. How do I set a default font in the editor, so I don’t have to fiddle with it each time i start a project?
  2. Same question for print output. If I follow the instructions above, is that for the current document only? I’m assuming that in fact once I name it, it will be there whenever I want it. Correct?[/list]

Beth (aka Gibby, if that’s the screen name that’s showing up)

Gibby -

Did you read RDale’s post above?

The answer to your issues for question 1 is in the explanation from me that you quoted.

For #2, that in the compile dialogue. It’s been a while since I used the current release of Scrivener for Windows, but I believe it’s in the various lines in the “formatting” pane, if that’s the right name for that section.

Note that Scrivener 3 for Windows in imminent. If you plan on upgrading in the next month or two, and don’t really need to compile until after that point, I’m confident that there will be an official release at that point, which completely re-works compile. It would be best to just learn one version of the compile process, rather than two. Rest assured, you can override the text font and paragraph settings during compile, so you can always get a different look to the output from Scrivener no matter what font and paragraph settings you used within Scrivener.