Changing editor layout


I’m new to Scrivener, so apologies if there’s an obvious answer to this question; I’ve checked the manual and searched other posts, but haven’t found anything yet…

I’ve set up several projects, some ‘blank’ and one from the ‘poetry’ template. Within my poetry project, I would like to write prose notes in the research folder that are formatted like prose–not poetry. Specifically, I would like a narrower margin (just less white space!) on the left hand side. I’m wondering how I can adjust the text layout within the editor for these documents only, without altering the documents in which I’ve written poems. I tried dragging in a document from a ‘prose’ project, but once in the poetry project it looked just like the poetry documents. I have tried revealing the ruler and trying the drag the margin left, but it can’t be moved.

Many thanks for any help!

Could you post a screenshot to help me understand what you’re seeing, please? With the ruler enabled?