Changing editor prefs/presets for project

I have looked but cannot find an answer for this that works in 2.1… I have imported a novel, divided into chapters and scenes, into the Novel template. How do I change the on-screen editor font and paragraph formatting for all the elements of the novel? I can see how to change the body text pre-set, which works on the document currently open in the editor, and how to change it for all new documents. Do I have to open each of the 71 scenes and change them individually?

Also, how do I change the editor’s foreground and background colors for all the documents in a project?


– Lee

Make sure you have all set up as you want it in general preferences, or in the specific preferences for this particular project if you only want them to work there, <Project : Text Preferences…>, then select all files and choose . You get a dialog where you can choose exactly what you want changing, but you might lose inline annotation colouring for instance.

Go at it with care and forethought.



Thanks, Mark, that worked perfectly. I’m not sure what I was doing last night, but that option simply didn’t show up!

– Lee