Changing font color in Outline Layout

Hi all,

I recently changed Scrivener to use dark mode and I love it. But, how do I set the font color for the Label field in outline format?
Here’s an example:

I use the label field to track which perspective a scene is told from, but it’s unreadable as is. I’ve been able to find all other settings, so I’m sure I’m just missing this somewhere.


Most of the text colour in Outliner is not user-configurable; it’s set to either black or white depending on what the software thinks will show up better on the background colour you’ve set.

If you haven’t restarted Scrivener lately I’d do that first. After that if the text still isn’t readable, I’d go to Scrivener->Preferences->Appearance->Outliner and play with the background colour to see if I could get the text to show up white. After that, if no luck, I’d set the background of the outliner to something pale so I could get on with work, and email tech support (

Hope this helps!