Changing font for Chapter title when compiling to ePub

I’d like to change the Chapter title font when compiling an ePub file but am having difficulties doing so. I’m wondering if it is possible.

I’m working in the Novel format. On the Compile screen I’m going to the Formatting tab and selecting the Level 1 (folder) row and then changing the Title font via the “A” button. I’m setting the font to Helvetica and also setting it to a very large font. If I compile as a PDF the changes come through fine. If I compile as a ePub and then open in iBooks, the font is indeed quite big but it is not Helvetica. (It’s the standard iBooks font.)

I then unzip the ePub and look around for any reference to the Helvetica font in the CSS - I do not see any. I can add in the appropriate CSS at this point (by hand so to speak), zip the file up and everything works fine. But it would be nice to do it all in Scrivener.

One possibility is that Scrivener does not actually do this in a compile for ePubs. Is this the case? or is there a way to get it all to work?

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That’s correct, Scrivener does not support custom font assignment in e-publishing, though you can always add the necessary features to your e-book after compiling. You should note however that the proper way of going about this is to embed the font in the e-book (which means acquiring licensing for embedded distribution or finding open source fonts), listing them in the OPF manifest, and then linking them up in the CSS. This is because most e-book readers only have a small selection of fonts available on the device (if they even have a choice at all!). Here is an article on how to embed fonts in ePub[1].

Another thing to consider is that embedded font display is not widely supported by the modern range of readers, and the further back you go the less support you’ll find for it. That should continue to evolve for the better as time goes by though.

  1. Link removed as site no longer exists. ↩︎

Thanks AmberV - you’ve certainly answered my question which is that Scrivener doesn’t do this. (I would argue the “A” button should be disabled when epub or Mobi is selected as the Compile to option.)

I’m familiar with font embedding but would rather avoid because of download size.

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