Changing font in Screenplay template


I regularly open new projects in the Screenplay template. The default font of the template is Courier. I’d like to change it to Courier Prime, that looks better and have nice looking italics. I have no problem to change it project by project (Format>Scriptwriting>Script Settings>Font), even if it’s a bit cumbersome to change font script element by script element (esp. if I have to do it for each new project).

I’d like to change the font once and for all, so that next time I open a Screenplay, all elements are in Courier Prime. Can I do that? Under Manage… I’ve tried to “Save for use in other projects”, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick.


Selecting “Save for use in other projects” should do it. That will add your custom screenplay format to the Scriptwriting menu. If you keep the title as “Screenplay” that will result in two “Screenplay” formats appearing in the menu, though, the default one and your custom one, so I recommend calling it something like “Screenplay (Prime)”.

This won’t affect the Screenplay project template, of course, which is set up to use the standard Screenplay format. If you want a project template to use this font, then you could just create a new project template as follows:

  1. Create a new project from the Screenplay template, holding down the Option key as you click on “Choose…” (this will tell Scrivener not to auto-fill the title page with your personal information, but to keep the project in a raw template state).

  2. Switch to your “Screenplay (Prime)” script format.

  3. Use File > Save As Template and create a new project template.

Then, just use your custom project template instead of the default screenplay one.

All the best,

Thanks Keith, worked fine!