Changing font; list only displays on left-HOLD not left tap then scroll.

I expect that a single click on a font list to change font should display the list and then I may choose from a font after scrolling or entering the first letter and jumping.

Currently I am experiencing the need to left click and hold. If I single click, the font list flashes then disappears. it is then available to scroll one font at a time through fonts on the toolbar interface but it is a very long journey from Calibri to Times New Roman.

If I left click and hold, the list displays, but since I am holding and have not mastered ring finger mouse scrolling, I am at a bit of a loss. A workaround is a laptop with it’s mouse and then an external mouse to scroll :wink:

Please inform me if you need further information. Windows 10. Dark mode. Version: Beta (664545) 64-bit - 27 Aug 2019

If you want the developers to see this, please post it in the beta forum, or request a Mod to move it. :smiley: