Changing Font Size in Inspector Synopsis

Is it possible to change the font size in the synopsis area in the inspector in the current version of the beta? (RC 13 1129554)

My issue is that the default font size at 9 is too small for me to comfortably read in the inspector. And I can’t just move the text to the notes area because I would like to view this text in the outliner view as well.

The formatting bar is greyed out (understand that this is plain text rather than rich text). Doing some googling- it seems like font size is changeable in the mac version through index cards font. In beta I went into options but I believe I tried every font size adjustment without success. Also don’t see a way to zoom in.

Thx for reading.

Adjust File > Options > Appearance > Index Cards > Fonts > Index card text.

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That does it. Thought I tried but I didn’t need to create a new project or anything to see it works.

Thanks tiho.