Changing Font Size in QR Pane

(I tried searching to see if this has been mentioned in the past, but “QR” had too many items)

With the QR pane, even though I can resize the window, I cannot resize the text within it without affecting the original document. Because the QR pane is relatively small, I wish I could make the words in it very tiny to allow much less scrolling within it (for instance, if it has an entire chapter in it).

A user selection (e.g. dropdown within the QR window) for adjusting font size, or magnification of text within the QR window, that does not affect the original binder document when the QR Window is eventually closed, would make the QR pane more useable.

Thank you. Sven

Just use the View > Zoom options (Shift-Cmd-< and Shift-Cmd->).