Changing Font Size when Compiling

I set the font size in Scrivener to 16pt so its easy to read (easier than 150% zoom) but want it exported at 12pt when I compile to a Word doc. The compilation dialog is not very intuitive so whats the quickest way to do this - considering there may be italic and bold variants.

I don’t think there is a fast way, not the first time you do it. You have to use the setup in the Formatting pane in Compile to set the font and size for all the different levels of titles and text. But when you are done you click on the drop down menu beside Format as, scroll to the bottom and choose Manage compile presets, click on the + to create a new preset, name it and click Update and Ok to get back to the Formatting pane. Next time you simply choose your preset in Format as and you get exactly the output you want.

Thanks for that info. I’ve managed to change the body text, but my headings that were formatted via the the Presets thingy also reduced by the same amount. The Compile panel is confusing and the manual goes on forever. I was expecting this to be easier and more logical than it is.

I had similar problems until I found the e-book “How to format your novel for Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, Smashwords and Createspace” which, as the title says, explains how to format for publishing, but it explains the compile function very well. :slight_smile: