Changing font

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the ‘bug’ section or the ‘help’ section, so hopefully someone will be able to help me either way. First of all, if I cut and paste a sentence or two from an external doc or website, it retains the formatting / font. This is fine, but when I try to change the font in Scrivener, it sometimes doesn’t let me. I think you need to highlight the exact sentence that is in the wrong font - if you don’t, it won’t let you change it. It’d be great if I could just highlight the entire block of text and change the font, but this doesn’t seem to work - the offending sentence remains in a different font.

In addition, is there any way to change the font of the entire working document - rather than just the block of text I’m currently working on? At the moment, I’m going into each block of text separately and changing the font and justification (left)



This is the second time I have heard of this issue with fonts refusing to change. In the prior case, all aspects could be changed except for the font size which wasn’t even accurate to begin with. The source text was not 8pt, but that is how it pasted in. In that case, the paste source was a web page, does this corroborate with your experience? In the other case, they were able to fix the sections by reloading the project file.

Not yet, but that is a planned feature. It will work by allowing you to select one or more documents in the binder and then issuing a menu command to reset their formatting to your application preferences.

Hi Amber
Yes, I think the font style changed but not the size. The only ‘fix’ I could find to the problem was to cut and paste the sentence into Notepad, then cut and paste it back into Scrivener. I seem to be doing this a lot! Is there any way a fix can be added?

I don’t mean to resurrect a thread… but this is the issue I am having. I just downloaded the latest update, and the program absolutely refuses to change the font size of any text. Any fix on this yet?


On that note, the Edit/Paste and Match Style command is functionally equivalent to pasting formatted text into Notepad and then copying and pasting it into Scrivener. It strips out all formatting information and treats the insertion as plain-text, so that the pasted material comes in exactly like everything around it.

And to update an earlier remark of mine, b21 now has a command for resetting the formatting of a document to the application settings in the Editor options tab. Do test this as it is a new feature.