Changing fonts using keystrokes?

Hi friendly Scrivenerers,

I’ve wrangled my head around this, but I am hitting a mental block. I am trying to make custom keyboard shortcuts for Scrivener using the Keyboard utility in System Preferences. Specifically, I wish to be able to have a keyboard shortcut to change the font from Times New Roman to Courier, and vice versa. So I created two shortcuts for each font, but neither of them work. I realize there is no menu item that lists the fonts, except for the font pull-down in the toolbar, so this might be the problem. Any ideas?

     Thank you in advance,


I don’t think that menu qualifies as a static menu for custom assignments like this. Some dynamically generated menus don’t work right or at all. What I’d suggest is creating two Formatting Presets that just contain the font assignments, and then assign your keyboard shortcuts to those. That should work well.

Thanks Amber! I was thinking it had to be something along those lines, but didn’t realize that custom presets also made it to the menu.

Yup! That’s why they are there, so you can assign static shortcuts. They are located in Format/Formatting/Apply Preset, so that is where you can check to make sure the shortcut gets applied correctly. The shortcut should also appear in the convenience drop-down in the main format bar.