Changing formats

I am working on a documentary.
Because of the way I write (and think), I have been using the BLANK project template, placing images (with references) and text in line.
I am ready to create a storyboard.
I have tried using a DOCUMENTARY SCRIPT template and copy>paste image in left column and text in right column. This worked for 1st row, but after that image insisted on going into right column.
Is there some way I can make this work? Or some easier way with compile? Can I compile and leave out all the images (gif and png files)?
Suggestions will be much appreciated.

Someone with trickier methods may come along, but in the meantime:

I would to this in your original project by applying Tables to what you have. In fact you can easily convert documents with alternating images and storyboard text into tables.

If your image/text pairings are tab delimited:

you can just select these paragraphs and choose Format > Table… and a simple table will be created with a row for each line and that places the images in the left table column and the text in the right.