Changing Formatting in all existing documents.

Hi there,

I’d like to know if there is a way to quickly change the font in the editing pane for all existing documents in a project and also if there is an equally quick way to change it back again. I’m not concerned with Compiling, I know that is a separate thing altogether.

Kind Regards

There are at least two ways, depending on whether you want the changes to be in effect for future documents or not. Warning: because of the way OSX treats fonts (regular, bold, italic versions of a font are different) it’s possible to lose bold / italic formatting during automatic conversion. Test things out first - both these steps work on individual documents as well as on the whole project depending on what you select in the binder.

a) Select the top level document in your project (e.g. “Manuscript”) and enter “screenings” mode (cmd-1). Click in the editor, cmd-A to select all the text, cmd-T to bring up the fonts dialogue, choose your new font.

b) Set up the “new” format in Preferences > Formatting, then (again having selected the top level doc in screenings mode) select Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style, choosing just to change the font and heeding the warning that appears in the dialogue box!