Changing from a short story to a novel

Lo and behold turns out my short story is a novel. How do I easily switch the format in Scrivener. I can’t find a quick answer in the manual, and I’m impatient. Anyone give me a quick tip? Thanks!

You don’t really need to do much beyond just continuing to work on the now-novel. You might want to tend toward putting your scene files grouped up into folders, in accordance with the chapter notion, if you are aren’t already. If you think you want to have parts as well, you can group chapters into parts with another layer of folders beyond that. But otherwise just keep at—Scrivener isn’t really the type of program that requires you to switch “modes” or whatnot. All of that is at your discretion and should be a reflection of how you work. If you want chapter folders and scene files, go for it. Don’t switch things up unless you want to, in other words.

When you are ready to compile this out in the future, you’ll need to take a look at the Formatting compile option pane, maybe taking a look at a novel template project to see how it handles things, for ideas on how to set things up. There shouldn’t be any rush for that though unless you’ve been asked for chapters—but if you are in that scenario, then you could probably just use the standard submission compile preset as a starting point.