Changing from short story to novel format...?


I’ve encountered a problem that I’m a bit stuck with - would be grateful for any assistance!

I started with a project that I thought would be a short story, but it’s developed in length to be a full novel(la). When I compile, there are no chapter headings or chapter numbers, and at 130+ pages it becomes a bit cumbersome to read without them.

Is there a way of “converting” the short story into a novel format?

Scrivener is an utterly awesome piece of software. I’ve written two full length novels with it, and now this novella. It helps immensely, and I’ve grateful (most days) for it’s existence!!


Hi Jamie,

Not a problem! In fact, all of the templates in Scrivener were built from the Blank template, so any one can be rearranged into any other. All you need to do is rearrange your Draft folder as you want it - e.g. with folders for chapters and text documents inside them for scenes - and then choose a different compile format, such as “Standard Manuscript Format” or “Paperback Novel” - one of the compile formats designed for use with novel projects.

Hope that helps,

All the best,

Thanks very much for the solution!