changing from single to double, or vice-versa

It seems that if I start out a new project that is set to double space in Preferences->Text Editing, then the text displayed is double spaced, and the same with single spacing.

But if I try to change the spacing after I’ve already started working with a new project, the text doesn’t change. I.e. If I go from single, I can’t make it double, and vice-versa.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Oops, sorry, this confuses me so much and I see it was answered my last question about this. … php?t=2860

I just don’t get why it only works as the way a new project is started and can’t be changed afterwards, but ok, I got how to work w/ it.

Sorry again.

It works that way because that’s the way the OSX text engine (as used in TextEdit and elsewhere) works. It is rubbish, yeah, but it’s not Scrivener’s fault.

Actually, this isn’t rubbish. :slight_smile: This is the way I designed it to work, and for good reason - mainly that Scrivener uses rich text, which allows for numerous formatting styles within individual documents. (This is actually in the FAQ, but I’ll answer anyway.) The setting you define in Preferences > Text Editing are the defaults for new documents. In a rich text system such as Scrivener uses there is no way this should affect existing documents.

Imagine this scenario:

You spend ages using all the features of the rich text system to create some individual formatting for a specific document. One line is centred with double-spacing before it. Another uses a different font to indicate a letter or poem or e-mail or whatever in your novel or dissertation or whatever, and the text is inset as a block using the head indent and tail indent features of the ruler.

Now, you go to Preferences > Text Editing, change the formatting and… Ouch! All of those documents you spent hours formatting are suddenly changed by Scrivener, automatically, without any by-your-leave, so that every paragraph is formatted as you have set in the Preferences. Yikes. Very, very bad. This would completely invalidate the “Preserve Formatting” option. Even worse, it would completely screw up all script formatting you might have used using the scriptwriting features of Scrivener, as suddenly all of your paragraphs have been reset to whatever is set in the Preferences.

So, that is why it works like it does, and why it is completely right to work as it does.

If you wish to reformat existing documents to match your settings in Preferences, just select them in the binder and use Documents > Convert> Formatting to… Any unintended loss of formatting is then the user’s fault, not Scrivener’s. :slight_smile:

You can, of course, just use the ruler (cmd-R) to format the text of individual documents or paragraphs, too.


Yeah, I suppose you’re right… I guess I’m still hung up on the idea that Scrivener is supposed to be a solely drafting application, with the final text exported and formatted properly somewhere else - so the line spacing would only be used for drafting and viewing the text as you’re writing it.

(Yes, I know it would screw up script formatting, but I export all that into FD anyway… :slight_smile:)

…but it’s not a plain text application…

Could we get that for the next version? Thx heaps.


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