Changing how much white space is after a bullet

In a document, how can I reduce how much white space is between a bullet and where its text starts?
Also, how can I make that change so it works with all the documents in the same project?

Bullets are comprised of the following three characters: Tab + Bullet/Enumerator + Tab. So by adjusting the ruler’s tab stops you can move the bullet around and change the spacing between it, the left margin and the text. You will most likely then wish to adjust the block indent to match the tab stop’s new position as well, so that subsequent lines are not staggered. The Format/Text/Tabs and Indents… tool can help with that part (I find it hard to get the two markers identical with my mouse).

That’s a little more difficult as the text engine has a baked in notion of how bullets should look when you start a new list. The best approach is to probably take one of the adjusted bullet lines you made and use that as a starting point for a paragraph preset. I find these work best as bullets when you type in the text of the first bullet line first, and then apply the preset, given how the text engine handles the cursor.