Changing "Languages" for Spelling Purposes

I’m writing a story that has two different POVs. One of them is USA-version English, the other British English.

Is there a way to force certain documents into one language or the other? Scrivener is starting to go mental with all the spellings I’ve forced it to learn (using USA English as the default) and it would be helpful to actually be able to pay attention to the misspellings it marks instead of “oh well, there’s another variant, better just ‘learn’ it.”

The language is a global setting, so there’s no way to set it individually per document. You can turn off the constant spell checking while typing by deselecting the proper option in the Corrections tab of Tools > Options, which would help you not go crazy with “misspelled” words when you change sections. Then you can collect all the same-langage sections together and run the spell check on them specifically after setting the appropriate langage (also in the Corrections tab). You could also choose “ignore” rather than “add”, which will be more temporary and won’t affect the spell check in other projects.

Oh man. Well, thanks for letting me know! You make a good point about running spell check AFTER dividing into sections based on the separate POVs-- thank you for that as well.