Changing link colours in Win V3

From the manual: Color hyperlinks External hyperlinks will be coloured blue, as per standard behaviour. Disable this for documents you intend to print in black & white format.

Nice. How do I disable this? My background is Wordperfect blue. My text is white. I can’t see a hyperlink when I insert it, and for the life of me I can’t find out how to change the color of the link anywhere in the manual or in this forum.

Changing the behaviour and colour of links in the editor is in File> Options > Appearence>Textual Marks.

Untick ‘Links’ in the Options tab to make them inactive; change their colour in the ‘Colours’ tab.

When you come to compile, you can remove all hyperlinks in the final output by clicking on the gearwheel on the right hand top of the dialogue box and clicking ‘Remove hyperlinks’.


Thanks. The links aren’t going anywhere but in my Series Information Folders, and the Research Folder.