Changing Location of ToC

I’ve tried a number of ways to change the location of my ToC without success. It currently comes immediately after the cover, but I want the title to be there and the ToC to follow after it. I’ve tried using the Custom ToC method, a blank page, a blank page with Contents as the heading, and a blank page with <$toc>. And of course I’ve changed the location of these pages in the Binder before Compiling, but no success.

Any suggestions, please?

Are you compiling to .mobi for Kindle readers? If so, you are probably looking at the ToC the Kindle reader creates itself, and I’m not sure if you can move it.

After searching on line for several hours, I came across the answer, which some kind soul posted. On a blank document page, I used the placeholder <$toc> and named it Contents (the same name as used in Compile). This enables the automatic generation of a ToC. The next step is also crucial, at least for epub files I tested this out on. You should check this page’s As is box and its Page Break Before box in Compile’s Contents. This allows you to place the ToC page wherever you want.