Changing Lowercase To Uppercase Problem

Hello everyone. I’m writing from Turkey. I downloaded Scrivener trial version and I’m trying now. I want to ask something.
You know, when we write character name, app automatically changes lowercase to uppercase. In Turkish, we have both of i and ı. In Turkish, uppercase ı is I and uppercase i is İ. So, I and İ are different words in Turkish but in Scrivener, when I write lowercase ı, app changes to I. It’s okay, no problem but when I write lowercase i, app changes to I too. It’s not true. So, in Turkish lowercase ı —> uppercase ‘‘I’’ (no problem) and lowercase i —> uppercase ‘‘İ’’ (this is problem in app).
How can I solve this problem? Is app need update from developers? I want that when I write i, app must change this to İ. Because we have ı and i in Turkish.

Thank you.


Hello, sarper, and welcome to the forums. This very problem was raised a few months ago, and resulted in a lengthy and detailed thread. Please join in there to report that the problem still exists: [url=].

Okay. I read that topic. Thank you.