Changing metadata info on the first page

I’m struggling with finding where to change the meta data on the first page showing up after compiling my project.

Currently it’s fetching the information based on the computer I’ve been writing on - it’s my husband’s old computer. Not only does the name come out wrong but also the phone no and address. I need to change this so it has correct information but I can’t seem to find out where to change it.

Thankful for any help <3 Deadline is coming up and I want my manuscript to have correct info :blush:
Besides that: thank you for an awesome writing tool. Best thing I’ve ever tried!

The possible places i can think of are: Project :arrow_right: Meta-Data Settings… (you can see custom meta-data in Inspector :arrow_right: Custom Meta-Data) and File :arrow_right: Compile :arrow_right: Meta-Data — that should cover most places it would be hiding. Another place to look is a document called “Meta-Data” in the draft folder.

Does this guide help? … s-in-os-x/

It works now! :smiley:

However I can’t remove “Your agent’s name” and “Your agent’s address”

Do you happen to know how to remove this too?

Thank you, everybody, for taking your time to reply but special thanks to Briar!


You should be able to open the page in the editor and then select and delete (or edit) as you want.



Found it!

You’ve been a star! Thank you so much! I’m ready to send out the manuscript!

Wishing you a lovely day and thank you for taking your time!

A pleasure.

Hope all goes well with the manuscript.


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