Changing metadata on multiple items

I find that even if I select multiple text items on the corkboard, I can’t change their label / status collectively - only the last item in the selection has the change applied to it. Very laborious to do it one at a time…

You need to select items on corkboard and then click the gear icon to change label/status or alternatively select items on board than right click with mouse to gain access to context menu.

Thanks. I was trying to do this via the right panel metadata options. Perhaps this needs clarifying, e.g. greying out those options when multiple corkboard items are selected.

That is a very good idea!

When multiple items are selected, the inspector should switch to show only the project notes by default (or project references, if that was the one you viewed last), so the other options that are specific to an individual items won’t be available, the way that happens now if you select multiple items in the binder. This just hasn’t been fully implemented yet.