Changing Multiple Document Statuses, and more!

Hi everyone,

New user here; I’m just trying to get my head around the workings, and it seems a great program and all.

I’ve just brought it a big project that I created in MS Word; I took snippets and put each chapter as an individual file in drafts so I can sort, shift and play, etc. That I managed OK; but now they’re all down as no status and no draft.

I now want to change them, but but when I click on more than one file, it automatically changes to the corkboard view. Just so I know before I go through each of the 50 chapters individually, is there a way of changing the status of multiple items at once?

Also, this is just a smaller, easier question - and call me silly if you want - but where on earth is the ‘Preferences - Text Editing’ setting within the program? I’m trying to access the settings where you can auto capitalise, etc. and I just can’t find it.

Thanks! =)

To answer both:

  1. Select all the files for which you want to change the status or label either in the binder, corkboard or outliner, ctrl-click on them and then use the contextual menu to select the label or status you wish to apply to all selected documents.

  2. Go to the Scrivener menu and select “Preferences…” The Text Editing pane is part of the preferences window that appears.