Changing Name in Metadata Permanently

I’ve done a search for this subject and have come up with the suggestion to create a new contact with the Scrivener: Use Me prompt in the notes and it did not work.

I never allowed Scrivener to use my contacts in the first place but my real name has been placed in the author field of the meta data anyway. I’ve checked and unchecked the box that allows Scrivener to use my contacts and I’ve created the new contact with the word “none” in the name field but my real name is still listed as the author when I create a new novel document to test it out.

The problem for me has been when I have needed to compile in different formats. If I put the new author name in the metadata and I compile a mobi file but then compile a pdf later, my author name will only be changed in the first compile. And if I forget to check then my real name is included in the pdf document - or whichever document format I compile in later.

It’s aggravating to have to make sure and check it every time I want to compile. I’d much rather have that space be left blank in case I forget to check it.

Has anyone had this experience and found a fix for it?

Did you go into Compile > Metadata and change it there?

I have changed it there on some books but what I would really like to do is not have my real name show up in the file at all. Sometimes I will compile a word doc and the tags for the page layout will include my real name even when I have changed the meta data.

Another issue is when I try and save a template I have added front and back matter to as my own template. When I click on “save as template” this window pops up (see attachment) that tells me that all of my private info is in the document and do I really want to do this. But it doesn’t give me an option to say - Yeah I don’t want that please take it out. The window tells me to go to the tags section in help but that doesn’t really give me a way to COMPLETELY REMOVE my name, phone number, address, etc from the document.

I find it hard to believe that I am the only person who does not want all of this info in their templates.

Any of this help? … s-in-os-x/