Changing Point of View

I’m a new user. Is there any short cut in Scrivener for changing point of view throughout the entire document (other than a total re-write)

No. Scrivener has lots of features to help you organize your project, but the actual words are up to you.

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I would suggest using either the status or the label metadata to make 2 statuses/labels: PoV:Change and PoV:Complete… or something that succinctly conveys to you whether or not a given document needs to be re-written with your change in PoV in mind.

You could also use keywords, if you’re tracking multiple, broad editing jobs all at once. No matter which route you take, it’s handy to use the outline view, or label colors, or search-based collections to keep track of your progress in this or any manuscript-wide change.

Thank you for your quick response and suggestions. I’ll give them a try !