Changing position of supercript

I have several sentences in the text with phrases like “the 16th century.” But in Scrivener the th is raised above the line, which increases the space between the line above. Will this be a problem when compiling for ebooks? If so, is there a way to position the th so that it sits on the line as in the sentence above?

There is a setting in Preferences, on the Corrections tab for ‘Superscript Ordinals’ – what happens when you uptick this option? I think it’s what you’re looking for.

Brookter–Thanks for replying. I Checked out your suggestion and found Superscript was checked. So I unchecked it but there was no change to the raised superscript. I closed Scivener and restarted but still no change.

Unchecking the option won’t change existing text. You’ll need to change it manually, using the Format -> Font -> Baseline command.