Changing Print/Export Order of Linked Pages?

Can an internal link be printed at the point it is referenced in a page?

I have a layout that essentially is like this:


What follows below are descriptions of different things about elephants.

Nose <- link to different page

Ears <- link to different page

… <- link to different page

As you see, we approach the discussion of elephants in many ways.

(rest of discussion) …

\definition{Nose} -> linked to above point
This is what the nose of an elephant is all about … (description continues)

\definition{Ears} -> link to above point
This is what the ears of an elephant are all about … (description continues)

When I print and/or export, I would like the linked items to be substituted in their locations. Right now, the pages print/export sequentially (PAGE 1, PAGE 2, PAGE 3 …).

Am I missing something?

Links are meant for internal referencing, except in some exotic cases. They do nothing during the assembly phase. There really is not a way to do non-linear assembly like you are describing. You would have to construct the Binder structure to match the way the book is published.

Amber is right - links are not intended for this purpose. The draft is built solely from the contents of the Draft folder.

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