Changing project directory

Is it possible to change the project directory after the project has been created?
Specifically, I would like to move several projects to a folder in Documents so that all Scrivener documents are contained in the same folder called Scrivener Docs. (Now, the individual scriv documents are scattered among the various folders in Documents.) I know to how to make that happen when the project is created, but I cannot figure out how to change the destination after the fact of creation. I tried just creating the new folder and then dragging the scriv documents into it, but then Scrivener seems to be unable to find the documents.
Thanks for your help-

You are right just to use the Finder for that. Scrivener won’t be able to reopen those projects when you next launch it (because it just looks for the last opened projects under the path they were at when Scrivener was closed), but they should still be available via Recent Projects and you can, of course, just use File > Open Project… to open them from their new location.
Hope that helps.
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I did something right? Hard to believe - it seemed too easy. All scriv documents are now happily together in Scrivener Docs. Wait a sec, make that Scrivener Docks … sounds like a good scene for a crime… Back to work.